Our Prices 

In most cases only the poscode of the location is required. We can use online mapping to see the planned flight area. 

Before any shoot Image by Design will carry out a site survey taking into account all factors which may affect the safety of those people on the ground

BRIEF- Ideally we require a full creative brief of what the client is looking to achieve and whether or not their expectations are possible and indeed safe with regards to the restrictions placed by the C.A.A.  ( Civil Aviation Authority )

LOCATION - The exact postcode where the filming is to take place. If this is unknown at this stage we need to know if you are wishing to shoot in an urban or rural environment.

PROPOSED DATE - Firstly we need to know if we are free to shoot and secondly, we have to look into any additional factors which may be need to be factored into shooting on that date.

SUBJECT -  What do you want us to film?  Actors, A Sports Event, Property, Golf Course, Wedding. 

 Once the above has been ascertained then we can advise if the shoot is even possible from a permissions point of view.

Image by Design will then begin its pre-flight survey looking into the area where  the shooting is meant to  be taking place to see if there are any other factors or conditions which need to be considered. 


The UAV (Drone) and all the accessories that it needs for operation.

A Ground Station with a wireless video link


Pre-Production work- Pre site survey,Risk Assesment and permissions. £40 per hr.

Recce Day - £200 per day

Crew Travel per Crew Member (UK or non UK ) £200 per Day

Recommended for: Congested areas, cities,landmarks, high speed tracking, high altitude filming

Drone & Pilot hire:

All prices excluding travel expenses which are calculated at 24p per mile.

Aerial Filming

Phantom 3 - £500 per day

Camera: DJI 4K camera 1/2.3 sensor. 12Mpx3

Lens; 25mm equivalent lens, No fish eye distortion

Format: 4K or HD in MP4, Mov

Crew: 1 man. 

Aerial Photography

Photography- £150 1.5 hours


Free Consultation*

All planning

1.5 hours on site

20 minutes 'Air Time'

10 Raw Photographs