About Our Company

Choosing a UAV company is one of the most important decisions you have to make, so it's vital that you feel comfortable with the company you hire. We can offer you or your company the best in aerial filming or photography. 

We are able to take stunning footage in locations never before possible at a very competitive price.

Image by Design is your specialist film and photographic service.

We are based in Bangor, Northern Ireland, and cover the U.K. Ireland, Northern Ireland and Europe.

We are experienced, talented and possess the skills to produce highly creative, content rich, quality film making with style and passion.

Image by Design provide full HD film and high resolution photography for many different sectors.  From the start we are there to help you better understand how our drone systems operate and what can be achieved with our equipment.

Welcome to Image by Design. I've been a photographer videographer for some twenty five years, first working in Scotland where I gained my experience in weddings, studio work and commercial photography and videography, I decided to follow my heart and launch a Photography & Video business in Yorkshire in 1992. I relocated to Northern Ireland in 1997, but it was during early 2016 with the advent of the UAV unmanned aerial vehicle or drone that I decided to enter the field of aerial imaging. The rest is history...

Image by Design Because Vision Isn't Random

When Choosing a UAV Company

What We Do

We offer a wide range of aerial and ground work with the use of our state of the art technology for those looking for something unique.

Our services can be used by the Film and Television industry, Event Organisers, Estate Agents and various small and medium businesses. We also work with all areas of the construction industry from roof surveys to Architectural planning. We can provide a first class service to you or your Company.